Engineering & Design

Easton is an injection mold design engineering provider, established in 1987, makes efforts in research and development of custom mold design. 

Keep an open mind to explore technologies from all over the world to develop innovative products. We have an experienced professional R&D team and professional instruments to keep the product quality at a high level. Easton is a injection mold design engineering factory who has concentrated on continuous improvement in custom mold design.

Advanced Planning Builds Quality Tools


  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
    Tool build process begins during product inception.  Our engineering team assists in reviewing design feasibility and anticipates potential issues that might occur during tool build and molding process that might affect longevity of the mold.  By incorporating advanced planning prior tool build, we can improve manufacture lead time and help customer reduce maintenance down-time, which also help reduce overall production cost.


  • Mold Flow Analysis
    By using the Moldex® software, the mold flow analysis assists in reducing risk of mold fabrication by shortening the trial-and-error process.  Our engineering team can foresee possible molding issues prior to mold construction, iterate the mold design until full optimization.


  • Conformal Cooling
    Conformal cooling is the use of additive manufacturing process such as DMLS (direct metal laser sintering), more commonly known as 3D Metal Printing, to create complex channels in tooling inserts to optimize molding efficiency.  Depending on customer’s product design and projected production volume, our engineering team can help evaluate whether to include conformal cooling design to help optimize molding efficiency.