Overmolding is a multi-step injection molding process that combines two or more type of materials into a single component.

A base component (typically made of more rigid plastic material) is molded first, then a second layer (typically made of softer, more pliable material) is molded direcly over the base component to create a single solid final component.

Typically used to manufacture parts that require soft-touch or enhance grip, i.e. rubber handle.

Steel Type

P20 / 2738 / 2344 / 718

(more options available upon request)

Plastic Material

PP / PA / POM / ABS / PET / PC / PE / TPE / PA66+GF / PEI

(more options available upon request)

Runner Type

Hot / Cold

Processable Software

UG / Pro-E / Solidworks / Parasolid

Manufactured In


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